Race Unknown
Gender Female
Status Alive
Eye Color Mismatched
Hair Color (Feathers) Brightly colored
Affiliation Rowan Academy
Occupation Charge
First Appearance The Maelstrom
Aberdeen is a kingfisher. She is Hazel Boon's charge.


Aberdeen is a brightly colored kingfisher. Like her steward, she has mismatched eyes.


Aberdeen gets along well with Grendel and keeps him company.


The MaelstromEdit

When Max visits Cooper in the hospital ward Miss Boon tells him he was about to step on Grendel. Glancing down he sees the Chesirewulf at the foot of his steward's bed with something perched atop his head as an Egyptian plover would upon a crocodile. Looking closer he finds it to be a bright colored kingfisher with mismatched eyes. When he inquires after the bird Miss Boon tells him she is her charge, Aberdeen. Miss Boon tells also tells him Aberdeen gets along quite well with Grendel, though she had originally afraid the Chesirewulf would eat the kingfisher.
When Cooper mentions Grendel after awaking Miss Boon tells him Grendel was at the foot of his bed with Aberdeen, who chirps at the mention of her name.