Alex Muñoz was a former student at Rowan. He is a year older than Max.


Alex is olive-skinned and has jet-black hair. After joining Astaroth, he gains tattoos all over his skin and other demonic features, such as blue skin and horns.


Alex is sadistic, cruel, and loves to bully others. He is also very fond of trickery as he fooled namely Connor and a lot of first years to spend a night on the Kestrel as a kind of initiation which they were not allowed to do. He is friends with Sasha and Anna. His allegiance is solely to Astaroth. He helped torture politicians into submission.


Not much is known about his background. However, he says that in his vision, he spied an oyster in his swimming pool that revealed a pearl the size of a billiard ball.

After Alex and Max get into a fight in the Rowan Township, they are sentenced to clean the Kestrel. On the night that Max broke the Rowan records during his monthly fitness measures, Alex and Max get into a fight. The only rule of the fight was that they had to remove their safety watches they were instructed to always wear and to press if there was ever any danger. Max nearly kills Alex on the pier, but after he lets Alex go, Alex chucks Max's watch into the water. Alex then reveals he has stolen a knife from the Training Rooms. A figure aproaches the boys, and they think it is Miss Boon. Alex quickly disposes of the knife in a crack of the dock. The figure is actually a vye, Cyrus, and Alex goes unconscious. Max tries to rescue Alex, but he forgets to look for the second vye. Max is knock unconscious by the second vye, Peg, and both boys are kidnapped.

The vyes take the boys to Marley Augur. While there, Marley promises Alex wealth and riches if he tolls Marley his vision. Alex tells him, and Marley gives him a black, tar-like connoction to drink. Upon drinking it, Alex falls to the floor and passes out, causing Max to think of him as dead. Marley says Alex was beginning his journey.

Even though Max had tried to pull Alex out of Augur's Crypt, Alex sunk into the ground out of Max's grasp.


His specialty is torturing and he is very fond of it thinking it "fun" and he enjoys bringing pain to others. He is unskilled in hand to hand combat.