Antonia Lorca
Race Human
Gender Male
Age at least 200(born in the year Napoleon attempted conquest of the rest of Europe)
Status deceased
Affiliation Red Branch
Occupation Agent
Relatives Maria Lorca(wife)
First Appearance The Second Siege

Antonio Lorca is a member of the Red Branch, who was good friend of Wiliam Cooper. He is over 200 years old. He passes his membership of the Red Branch to Max when he dies.


The Second SiegeEdit

Max McDaniels, Scott McDaniels, David Menlo, Mrs. Boon and Mum were lead by William Cooper into Salamanca, disguised as a nurse, two aging men, an elderly woman and two girls. They were able to find temporary shelter, where they were welcomed. After they feasted(much to Mum`s disappointment), Senor Lorca, Cooper, and Max discussed strategy and where to travel. The next morning, the Agent had a private talk with Max, where he laments the awful situation in Spain. He reveals that Cooper`s once handsome features were ruined by the Formorian in a attempt to fix the gae bolga. He gives Max a nanomail shirt, revealing his intent to make Max his replacement. As Max and the others fled via celler passage, Maria and Antonio fended off the peliqueiros, and likely met their demise.


Senor Lorca is a white-haired man with intelligent eyes and thick glasses.


Senor Lorca was unfriendly to visitors at the time(and considering the turbulent situation, this is not surprising) and his true love was his Maria and the wines of Rioja. He was quite friendly and amiable considering he is a member of the Red Branch(as noted by Max), unlike other agents. He also was willing to sacrifice himself for the world, providing asylum to Max and David for some time, and covering their escape.