Athenian Dryad

Athenian Dryads are spirits that act as tree guardians.


Athenian Dryads resemble beautiful humans but can be difficult to find and see as they merge with the trees they are guarding. Dryads are said to have beautiful voices and nimble fingers.


Dryads are gentle, docile spirits, but can become dangerous and fierce if the tree they are guarding is in danger or is threatened. Dryads are extremely protective of their trees, but are quiet and peaceful by nature.


Athenian Dryads are spirits that protect trees. They inhabit a grove that can be found deep within Rowan's Sanctuary. Dryads often look after a grove or a group of trees for their entire lives, protecting and caring for it. Because of their beauty, Dryads were often sought out as supernatural ladies in waiting by nobility and it is said that befriending them will grant a person longevity and beauty.The dryads are said to have a strong dislike of the goblin race.


Dryads are tree spirits and have the ability to speak and merge with the trees they protect. They are blessed with beautiful voices and are strong enough to guard and protect their trees if they are threatened.


  • Dryads hate it when the toadstools near their trees are stepped on or damaged.
  • They like it if a person greets their tree as well when they greet them.
  • Dryads love poetry- particularly sonnets.