Black Forest Lymrill

The Black Forest Lymrill is a magical creature with metallic quills.


Black Forest Lymrills resemble a mix of animals; they look part otter, part porcupine, and part wolverine. They have metallic quills running down their backs to their tails that act as a defense, along with black hooked claws on each paw. They have small ears, whiskers and thick, bushy tails that can serve as an indicator of their mood.


Nick, Max McDaniels´ charge, was the last known lymrill when he chose Max. Other names for the lymrill are Kingmaker and Roland's Folly. They are found in Western Europe and are mystical tree-dwelling mammals. Lymrills were hunted for their skin which was thought to be good for forging weapons and armor. However, a lymrill must give up its quills willingly or else it will die and the quills will be rendered useless.


Lymrills are proven highly intelligent, being able to understand human speech. A lymrill's quills can be used to forge very strong armor and weapons, but the lymrill must surrender its quills willingly. If it does not, the lymrill will die, and the quills will be of no use.