The Kingdom of Blys is a recurrent kingdom in the series, ruled by Prusias.


The Fiend and the ForgeEdit

Blys covers most of what was formerly known as Europe, and some of Russia. The top part of Africa is revealed to be part of Blys.

The Maelstrom Edit

Following the war with Jakarun and Dùn, it is revealed that the kingdom of Blys now extended to Jakarun, Lord Aamon`s lands, and possibly some of Queen Lilith`s lands.


The only known Embassy is Gravenmuir, at the right of the Manse, until it was toppled by Elias Bram. Soon, all that was remaining were jagged spires.


Blys is ruled by the demon Prusias and his dukes. Human refugees often camp outside Blys, asking for fortune from Prusias. However, Prusias mistreats these humans, often unleashing vyes to feed among them. Max was formerly declared the champion of Blys, prior to his imprisonment for insubordination to Prusias. During this time, there were small skirmishes with Lord Aamon. After the events of Walpurgisnacht, full fledged war broke out between Blys against Jakarun and Lord Aamon`s troops, in the power struggle to determine the ruler. Despite initial losses, it was revealed that Prusias was only drawing them in. Afterwards, he unleashed the pinlegs and the dreadnoughts, crushing both armies. Jakarun surrendered to Prusias, while Lord Aamon himself was devoured. During this time, Prusias was still suffering the wounds Max had inflicted upon him on Walpurgisnacht, but had grown both in size and power after devouring many of his subjects.


  • 1. Blys(Capital). Ruled by Prusias
  • 2. Lebrim. Ruled by Mad'raast
  • 3. Harine. Ruled by Jayna
  • 4. Malakos. Ruled by Grael
  • 5. Azur. Ruled by Vyndra
  • 6. Bryllbatha. Ruled by Unas
  • 7. Raikos. Ruled by Andros
  • 8. Holbymm(later expanded). Ruled by Yuga(sole inhabitant)
  • 9. Vrusk. Ruled by Yva
  • 10. Archral. Ruled by Brolsch