Bryon Morrow
Race Human
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Affiliation Rowan Academy
Occupation Humanities Teacher
Relatives Elaine Morrow (wife)

Arthur Morrow (son)

First Appearance The Hound of Rowan

Byron Morrow was a teacher at Rowan Academy and taught humanities to First Years. He lived in a small cottage deep in the Sanctuary that was very far away from the school.

Appearance Edit

He is an elderly man with white hair. He is usually seen smoking from a pipe.


He is seen as one of the better professors at Rowan, and is much loved by the main characters. This makes it a surprise when he is found to be the traitor. He is kindly, and it is revealed that he betrayed Rowan because he thought he would get a second chance with his family. 


He attended Rowan as a student and eventually became an instructor, teaching humanities to First Years. He was married to Elaine Morrow and had a son called Arthur. He and Elaine carved "Byron loves Elaine '46" into a tree. They went to visit the Eiffel Tower when they were younger as well. Elaine died from cancer, and Arthur, along with his entire platoon, died in the Marines.


Hound of RowanEdit

Max, and most of the students, viewed Byron Morrow as one of the best teachers. Once, Max, David, Connor, Cynthia, and Bob visited Byron Morrow who expressed his displeasure about Ms. Richter. Afterwards, it was found that he was the traitor. Ms. Richter explained that he was tricked into thinking, if he joined the Enemy, he would see his son again. She also said that she suspected Mr. Morrow felt guilty about Isabelle May, and that he wanted himself to be figured out. He was taken into custody when he was discovered as the infiltrator.

The MaelstromEdit

Max got a letter from Byron Morrow, saying that Max was a living hero. After Astaroth  had come to power, he had forgotten that he had betrayed Rowan Academy. He felt sorry toward Max when he learned that he had put Max and a lot of other children in danger. He said that if he was ever reincarnated, he would try to do better by Max. It was revealed that by the time Max recovered from his injuries, he had already passed on.


  •  "Life is too precious a thing to throw away on orders and absurd chains of command."