Cynthia Gilley

Cynthia Gilley is a student at Rowan Academy and is in the same year as Max. She is one of his close friends and shares a room with Lucia Cavallo. She is currently in a relationship with David Menlo.


Cynthia is usually described as, "an ample-bottomed English girl."


Cynthia is cheerful, understanding, and patient. She is caring and friendly, and always has a positive attitude. At least during the first book, she had a huge crush on Nolan.


Cynthia Gilley is from England, and she's very friendly and always ready to listen. Before being recruited for Rowan, she had a vision at an aquarium. A school of tropical fish began to swim in a mesmerizing pattern. After that, she received her letter from Rowan.


The Hound of RowanEdit

She enters Rowan Academy at the same time with Max and David. She mentions that she had put out her fire relatively quickly. Later, she participates with Max and David in most of their activities within Rowan Academy. This includes visiting their humanities teacher with them.

The Second SiegeEdit

She follows David in order to see what he was doing, not willing to see him leave alone. However, this is detrimental since David is questioning Astaroth, and their three friends have no protection against him. Also, Astorath has a few strands of hair from Cynthia. To make up for their mistake, they help David steal the key for the Kestrel.

The Fiend and the ForgeEdit

The MaelstromEdit

The Red WinterEdit

Plays a important role in the battle on Ymir. Shields David and Mina from Astaroth as she is invincible from him. This is because of the promise made by Astaroth during the second book to not hurt her.


She is a very talented mystic, who posseses a great deal of talent. David claims her magic is more 'solid' and reliable, rather than "flashy," like Lucia's.