The Kingdom of Dùn is a recurrent kingdom in the series, ruled by Lord Aamon.


The Fiend and the ForgeEdit

Dùn covers much of Russia (border with Prusias), China and north India (the realm of the witches) and possibly lands like Persia, Turkey and Saudi Arabia. Blys and Dùn were revealed to be at the brink of war-rumor was that small skirmishes were taking place. The two leaders, Aamon and Prusias despised each other, and Aamon had supposedly signed a treaty with Vyndra to kill Prusias. Later, Prusias ordered Max to kill Aamon but he refused. 

The Maelstrom Edit

Dùn invaded Blys from the east, while Jakarun did the same in the south. Despite their intial victories, Dùn was eventually conquered by Prusias utilizing his deadly pinlegs/dreadnoughts. It`s ruler, Aamon, was devoured by the king of Blys.



Dùn came into place after the collapse of modern society, ruled by one of Astaroth`s vassals known as Lord Aamon. Lord Aaamon had provided refuge to witches, but he did not seem to have shown the same amnesty to humans. According to the men in Blys, they were afraid that Aamon might win, and that no humans will remain. Most were planning to flee the lands. 


  • The Witches(comprises what was formerly North India)