Dame Hakku is an elderly witch who guards the ossuaries in the Witchpeaks(formerly known as the Himalayas).


She has brown skin and red stained teeth that are filed to a point. She wears a robe and several bracelets. Like all witches, she has runes tattooed into her skin.


She is dutiful as she guarded the ossuaries and turned strangers away. She was also polite, as shown when she apologized before bowing and making a gesture of peace to a man (who later turned out to be Bram) that had the intention of entering the ossuaries, which were off-limits to the living. She can also be fierce and menacing when she is trying to defend the ossuaries, which shows that she is faithful.


Dame Hakku guards the ossuaries in the Witchpeaks and prevents the living from going in. Though she doesn't know it, Bram has come and entered several times, but has removed her memory of the events each time.


The Red WinterEdit