Deirdre Fallow
Race Human
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Black
Affiliation Rowan Academy

The Sidh

Occupation Driver (the Sidh)
Relatives Scott McDaniels (husband)

Max McDaniels (Son)

First Appearance The Second Siege

Deirdre Fallow is the mother of Max, and wife to Scott McDaniels. Deirdre's charge is Isis, a black cat.


During her youth, she had black hair and green eyes, along with high cheek bones that have been said to be passed down to Max.



She graduated from Rowan Academy and lived a normal life under the name Bryn Cabot while being marrried to Scott McDaniels. She was one of the few people who knew that Scott was not actually Max's biological father, as she gave birth to him after Lugh visited her in her dreams and told her that she was going to have a child. Some time around when Max was about ten, Peter Varga came to her and prophesied that her son would one day be trapped in the Sidh unless she was there to help him back. Knowing that portals leading to the Sidh rarely appeared and that it may have been her only chance, she left to live in the Sidh to wait for the day of Max's arrival.