Elias Bram

Elias Bram is the founder of Solas (a predecessor to Rowan), in Ireland. He is the grandfather of David Menlo, as well as the father of Emer Bram. Elias's charge is YaYa, a ki-rin and the Great Matriarch of Rowan.


He has wild hair, and is described to resemble the Greek god Poseidon by Max. He also has steely gray eyes.


He is very powerful, secretive, and seems cares only for himself, as shown when he refused to partake in the war against Prusias, as he personally had bigger problems, Astaroth particularly. Also, he refuses to allow people to possess or own something greater than himself, for example when he took Marley Augur's wife for his own. He is quite capable of betrayal because Marley Augur was his best friend. Also, Astaroth warned Max that Elias would not allow him to continue to grow stronger because he fears Max's power and feels threatened. He is also very prideful.

He took great offense when Astaroth defeated him and so set on a personal quest to find and destroy him. He does care about Rowan because he founded it, but in The Maelstrom his interests seem to lie toward revenge on Astaroth.


He was part of a earlier version of Rowan called Solas which was later destroyed in a battle between Elias and Astaroth. He held Astaroth off until he was absorbed by him, while everyone got away and the survivors later discovered Rowan. Rowan would later make a statue in his honor. Scholars praise him unarguably as the greatest sorcerer ever.

His tapestry depicted the Norse god Tyr putting his hand in the mouth of the Fenris Wolf. It is rumored that his late wife waited for his return during the great siege. Since Bram never returned, Brigit continued to stand in the sea until one day she disappeared. After her disappearence, a large rock that some say resemble a woman appeared in her wake. This is how Brigit's Vigil got its name.


Elias Bram is a powerful sorcerer who controls magic very easily. He does not always use his powers for good though. His body is not harmed by the magic he contains like David's is, but he is not as powerful as Mina. He can shapeshift, fly, teleport, superspeed, turn invisible, and travel to the Nether.