Ms. Richter along with Mum and Max at the sniffing ceremony

Gabrielle Richter is the director of Rowan Academy.


She is often described as having stern, but once pretty features that have been worn by the passing of time.


Although she can come off as strict and cold, the Director at Rowan only has her school's best interest at heart. She tends to keep things a secret until absolutely necessary.


Not much is known about Gabrielle Richter's background. She is an Oklahoma girl. She grew up with her parents, but she was ashamed of her father's drinking. After she was recruited by Rowan she never went back. Her parents died in a fire.


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Gabrielle Ritcher dies while on the ship headed towards Blys for war. She nominates David as the next director. Her apple turns gold, there is a monument at Rowan built for her. Hazel and William Cooper name their child after her.