Gae Bolga

The Gae Bolga (pronounced Gay Bulga) is a spear with a bone shaft and tip which appears to be black metal, but is actually three hairs from the goddess of war forged together.  It was the weapon of the ancient warrior Cuchulain.  After Cuchulian's death the blade was retrieved by his comrads in the Red Branch, however it was shattered and couldn't be used by anyone.  William Cooper, however, tried to use it over and over upon joining the Red Branch until it would let him hold it for a minute or two.  He tried to have it reforged by the Formian who burnt him badly.


The Second SeigeEdit

Cooper retrieved it from the Red Branch Vault and gave it to Max McDaniels  to use as his weapon.  When Max was retrieving the Book of Thoth he belived it to be the magical spear needed to break through the glass.  However, It was King Lugh's spear that was ment to break the glass and the Gae Bolga shattered upon impact.

Fiend and the ForgeEdit

Max, David, Toby, Nick, and Cooper travel to the Isle of Man to get it reforged by The Fomorian.  The Formian reforged it multiple times however it wasn't strong enough.  Nick sacrificed himself and gave up his quills and claws to be forged into the sword.  He later used it in the final battle of the book to kill deamons.  The Gae Bolga is now in the shape of shortsword that shifts colors because of the unique properties it gained from Nick's quills.


  • The Gae Bolga can be attached to a seven foot long spear shaft that was forged by the two dvergar brothers. Max uses this in battle while fighting atop YaYa in the war between Rowan and Prusias.