Cheshirewulf (Grendel)
Race Cheshirewulf
Gender Male
Status Alive
Eye Color Yellow
Hair Color (Fur) Ash gray
Affiliation Rowan Academy
Occupation Charge
First Appearance The Maelstrom
Grendel is a cheshirewulf, along with being the infamous William Cooper's charge. He appears in The Maelstrom and plays a supporting role.


He has gray fur and resembles a translucent wolf with tigerlike stripes. He has glowing, yellow eyes and a wolfish snout and ears. Similar to the famous Alice in Wonderland character, the Cheshire cat, Grendel sports a wide, mischievous grin


He shares a strong bond with his steward, and is loyal to him. He appeared when William went missing, and helped the academy to search for him. He has a sense of duty as well, as shown when he tried to protect Max from Cooper when he was possessed.

He also keeps Hazel Boon company and gets along with Aberdeen.



Like all cheshirewulfs, Grendel is a skilled tracker and assisted the academy in finding William Cooper