Dr. Jesper Rasmussen is the head of the Frankfurt Institution.  



Dr. Rasmussen is very intellegent, but over-estimates his capabilities.  He is arrogant, selfish, and cowardly but does posses a sense of dignity and honor, shown as Max is able to convince him to help people who have saved him in the past by bringing it up. 


Dr. Rasmussen was the head of the Frankfurt Institution until he was exiled in The Second Seige, however he was later given his position back.


Hound of RowanEdit

Second SiegeEdit

In the Second Siege Max, David, Mr. McDaniels, Mum, Ms. Boon, and Cooper travel to the Frankfurt Institute to open a secret chamber and recieve Bram's Key.  However, Astroth attacks and frees several deadly creatures from the Institute who kill it's inhabitants.  Dr. Raussumen is exiled because of his failure to protect them.

The Fiend and the ForgeEdit

Mum, Bellagrog, and the hagglings try to cook Dr. Raussumen in soup for revenge of having their cousin on display in the Institute but he is saved by Max.  He is also reinstated as head of the Institute.