Lilith is one of the four Demon Kings that rule the Earth under Astaroth. She is the Queen of Zenuvia. She is the demon ruler we know the least about, as Rashaverak plays a role at the end of The Fiend and the Forge and Aamon appears in The Second Siege already and is mentioned throughout the story. It is likely that she is based off of Lilith from the bible who is believed to have been Adam's first wife and, after being cast from the garden of eden for eating the forbidden fruit, the mother of beasts.


Lilith is described as being almost human, though she only appears on the night of Walpurgisnacht. She is described as wearing a long green dress, with very white skin, an eerily beautific face, and hair as dark as night. She is seen with a pair of kitsune, indicating the she may be a little Asiatic in appearance. She is mentioned once or twice during the plot, but does not play a valuable role. Once, Mr.Thaler mentions her kingdom, Zenuvia, is the most eastwards lying kingdom of the demon kingdoms. Later, David Menlo mentions she signed a treaty with the withes and Aamon against Rashaverak and Prusias. It is likely she survived the Walpurgisnacht, thought many of her servants who attacked Prusias did not.   


The Fiend and the ForgeEdit

Queen Lilith is only briefly seen on the night of Walpurgisnacht .

The MaelstromEdit

Queen Lilith is never seen in the story. However, since she is the farthest away from Prusias , she is willing to wait till either side wins. Queen Lilith as already submitted to Prusias and will cling on to whatever lands she can, after his surprising victory.


Nothing is known about Liliths personality, except she is probably as cunning and cruel as the other demons and medieval queens, but we can only speculate. 


Lilith is the demon we know the least about.  She never played an interesting role, but is still one of the Demon kings. Perhaps one day, she will become more dangerous or important character in the series.