Marley Augur

Marley Augur is a ancient blacksmith, a disgraced member of Solas who joined Astaroth soley to have revenge on Elias Bram.


Marley was almost seven foot tall, and he was very old(a indication when his bones creaked)and steal gray hair was wound in braids near his temple. A tarnished circlet crowned his neck, and he was wearing a twine of silver thread. He was wearing frayed linen robes(possibly robes from Solas), and the flesh on his great, gaunt frame was decaying. His lights glowed green.


His mind has been warped by Astaroth, and he is completely deranged. He centers on only one thought, which is gaining his revenge on Bram.

Normally he has a cool, almost friendly exterior. When he gets angry, however, he becomes very strong and dangerous.


He used to be Elias Bram's close friend. That is, until they both fell in love with the same woman. Elias Bram had to accomplish near impossible feats in order to marry the woman, Brigit. Ultimately, he succeeded, and Marley Augur was left with no one, fueling his rage until finally he was left in Solas.

He had Peg and Cyrus kidnap Max, but they succeeded in kidnapping Alex, too. Using Max's blood, he chanted and released Astaroth from his imprisonment. While Peter Varga was fighting him, Marley broke Varga's back with his hammer.

In Marley's memory, it was he who was the hero at Solas. He sacrificed himself while Bram went back to his wife. Bram took all the credit, and for that, Marley is seeking revenge on Bram.