Maya along with Max, David, and YaYa
Race Ulu
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Eye Color Gold
Hair Color (Fur) Silver
Affiliation Rowan Academy
Occupation Charge

David's assistant

Relatives Unknown
First Appearance The Hound of Rowan
Maya is an Ulu. She is David's charge and assistant.


Maya resembles a gazelle, but one of silver. She has smooth silver fur and eyes of molten gold. She has a frail body and is very graceful.


Maya is very kind and understanding, and has helped David on numerous occasions by allowing him to use her blood for his research and projects. She is a vegetarian she likes the idea of being a part of living things. She loves to put her head in David's lap and cares for him very deeply.


Not much is known about Maya's history but she was already residing at Rowan from when the story began. She was picked by David Menlo in The Hound of Rowan as his charge and acts as his assistant in his research. She is one of the last of her kind. The others were hunted to near extinction in the nineteenth century for their skins, horns, and blood.


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The Fiend and the ForgeEdit


Like all Ulus, Maya's blood is magical. Her blood can translate or decipher any texts when it's brushed over the words and the correct spells are said. However, her blood will change into a strong acid that will destroy the words that were to be translated, if the blood is not taken willingly. It also has healing properties that can rejuvenate those who are given it.