Mr. Sikes

Mr. Sikes is an imp. He is also Astaroth's familiar.


Mr. Sikes is very small, with pale blue skin and cat-like yellow eyes. However, he can take on the shape of the terrifying(?) field mice, and a gypsy moth, with is his usual shape when he is with Astaroth.


The imp is quite deceiving, even letting Connor Lynch , and Max McDaniels with David Menlo let down his guard. He soon penetrated Rowan's defenses. Despite his clever and untrustworthy personality, he also is very loyal to Astaroth-in fact, he is Astaroth`s only remaining loyal servant.



Mr. Sikes can shapeshift, and can summon bottles of lemonade or do homework. Of course, anything he conjures up is stolen from somewhere else. He also can manipulate memory, though a side effect is that he will appear in the dream.