Chapter 18 Nix and Valya
Race Vye
Gender Male
Status Unknown
Affiliation The Village
Occupation Villagers
Relatives Valya(wife)
First Appearance The Fiend and the Forge

Nix is a Vye. He is the husband of Valya. He first appears in The Fiend and the Forge.


The Fiend and the ForgeEdit

Nix and Valya is revealed to be two elders living near the village, often bringing the children presents of gifts. When Max first met them, they radiated good health and vitality, and said that Pietro and Ana continued east after the troll lumbered two near there village. Max starts to suspect their identity when they start talking about films and Americans. Not only that, they exhibit some magical abilities, and have watery eyes. Max remembers that the goblins said that Isabella and the children were the only humans in the valley, and starts to suspect Nix and Valya are vyes. Max first feels inhospitable because of his suspicion toward the two vyes, but he decides to make sure by giving Valya a riddle. While Valya was tortured to how to solve it, Nix appeared behind him. He was viciously attacked by Max. After Max releases him, Nix says that not all vyes are evil, saying that they are elders, direct descendants of Romulus and Remus, when the spirit of the wolf who nursed them passed into the two babies. He was terrified of Max, because Max was used to terrify the troops into keeping in line. When Max is preparing to leave, Nix and Valya move in permanently.

The MaelstromEdit

It is unknown exactly what happened to them after the Walpurgisnacht, but when Max visited their houses again, he found that they were empty, abandoned, and run down.


When Max first sees Nix, he resembles an older man. He is, however, a Vye  in his true form.


He is very kind, and he and Valya would periodically come bring the children gifts. They did not approve of the fate of the children, but did nothing to stop it. Isabella and the children have grown to trust him. His warm personality surprises Max, because thus far Max has been taught that all vyes are horrible monsters. However, he harbors resentment toward Rowan, viewing that they teach only how to identify and kill a vye, not going into depth about a vye`s origins or personality, though he does acknowledge many have become evil. He is also remorseful that Rowan has killed most of his relations.


Not much is known about Nix's background. However, it is revealed that he used to be a professor. At one point, Nix tells Max that he was a potential, but because he was a vye, he could not attend Rowan Academy. He reveals 4 of his siblings were killed by Rowan.