Race Black Forest Lymrill
Gender Female
Status Alive
Eye Color Copper
Hair Color (Quills) Blue-Black
Affiliation Rowan Academy
Occupation Charge
Relatives Circe (Mother)

Nick (Father)

Six Unnamed Siblings

First Appearance The Maelstrom
Nox is a Black Forest Lymrill. She is the daughter of Circe and Nick and at the end of The Maelstrom she becomes Max McDaniels's charge.


Nox is around the size of a newborn kitten. She has a velvety muzzle, glossy, dark blue-black quills, red-gold claws, and coppery eyes.



The MaelstromEdit

Mina shows Max Nox when he visits Elias Bram with Ms. Richter. She has him close his eyes and then places the baby lymrill upon his chest. Opening his eyes Max looks down to see the lymrill. She stares at Max the same way Nick had done when he had chosen Max to be his steward years before. Mina asks why he was sad, and Max, telling her he wasn't, explains that this was the way he had said goodbye to Nick. He asks if the lymrill has a name, mistakenly calling Nox a boy. Mina corrects him telling him she was called Nox. Ms. Richter remarks that it was the name of The Goddess of Night, and that it was a fitting name for the blue-black lymrill. She asks if Nox should be away from her mother, Circe. Mina explains that the baby lymrills no longer nurse, and that Nox was a huntress, killing the rats Lila was too lazy to catch, and just the other day had killed a rat three times her size. Max remarks that Nox was just like Nick as the lymrill nips at his finger.

Mina says that Nox likes him, and doesn't like anyone else but herself. She says Max should keep Nox. Max says he would like that, but he was too busy to look after a charge. He remarks that Nolan would match her with someone else- a younger student. Mina says Nolan wouldn't, he had already tried. Her brothers and sisters had been matched, but Nox had refused to choose anyone. Ms. Richter suggests that Nox had chosen Mina, but Mina says she loved the lymrill; however, Nox wasn't meant to be with her - she was meant to be with Max. She says the baby lymrill was Nick's last gift.