Peg knitting behind a painting in the Crypt of Marley Augur


Peg was one of the vyes who were trying to release Astaroth. She first appeared to Max under the alias of Mrs. Millen.


She was a vye, and had brown fur with a wolfish appearance. 

While in the guise of Mrs. Millen, she appeared as a plump, elderly woman with glasses. 


Peg is very fierce and has a fiery temper. If not for her strict orders, she would have killed Max. She also likes to knit.


She teamed up with Cyrus to capture Max. While Cyrus distracted him, Peg struck Max and knocked him out. She then kidnapped both Max and Alex. The vyes took the boys to Marley Augur.


The Hound of RowanEdit

She scratched Max while she was kidnapping him. This causes Cyrus to give Max a vaccination shot so Max didn't turn into a vye. She also slit Max's wrist with a knife when he asked her a question.

She was killed by Max after he speared her in Marley Augur's Crypt. While she was dying, he burned her head off.