Chapter 8: Madam Petra and the Pinlegs

The pinlegs were deadly little War Machines, serving various functions. However, it's most potent use was to summon the dreadnoughts and destroy everything in their path.


The pinlegs were contained inside dark little tubes, with dozens of legs and silver antennae. The beast terrified Max McDaniels. It resembled a hybrid of machine, animal, and demon, much like the dreadnoughts. Its pincers, which could deliver deadly poison, and it`s body segments were totally mechanic, but the other components seem organic. For example, it`s translucent legs were clear signs that at one time this abomination was a insect.

Another notable trait of the pinlegs were the runes and pentacles engraved upon their bodies. They were summoning circles, but only to summon half of a demon, not the whole. They glistened red when they found their target, and were able to summon a monstrous cavalry(the dreadnoughts) upon its surroundings.


The pinlegs could be used individually as a spy and assassin, controllable by the user using a pair of glasses, even if it was not paired with a imp yet. There were several operation settings, dormant, stealth, and the seek-and-destroy mode. The last were used to destroy anything that they came upon, and summon the dreadnoughts.

The pinlegs were encrypted so that no human would seem to able to crack it. The Work added poison pills such so that the permutations became even more complex if one nearly cracked it.


The Fiend and the ForgeEdit

During the Dark Matter Operation, the Red Branch needed to find out about the Workshop`s secret weapon-the one that would tip the scales in his favor. Max, David, and Toby infiltrated Blys to talk to the Workshop-instead, they met Madam Petra, who had some friends. She showed them one of their newest inventions-the pinlegs. The team risked their lives in order to save the pinlegs, attempting to found out what it could summon, or how to defeat it, to no avail.

During the War between Blys and Rowan, 13 pinlegs were deployed and nearly destroyed Rowan if not David Menlo possessed each and every one of the imps and turned them against their matters.


  • David has a pinleg named Chester as a pet. Luckily, he hasn't been paired so there is no demon inside.
  • The pinlegs could be controlled via glasses which are installed in the tube.