Race Demon
Gender Male
Status Dead
Eye Color Amber
Hair Color Black
Affiliation Blys
Occupation King of Blys
First Appearance The Fiend and the Forge

Lord Prusias is one of the four Demon Kings that rule the Earth under Astaroth. He is the king of Blys.


Prusias usually appears to a seven foot tall man. His hair is black and can appear almost leonine, at times. His beard is just as dark and is made up in ragged plaits. His hands are long and strong, but his legs are very small and stubby, almost comical in comparison to his broad, barrel-shaped chest. Though he appears most often in that form, his true form is that of a giant, red dragon, with not just one head, but seven, whose size is unrivaled as far as is seen in the novels, being described as over a 1000 feet long. Each is horned and crowned, and has the face of the more human Prusias.


Prusias has adopted a very human personality. He's both jolly, continually joking around like any man could, and courteous with a gruff charm. Ignoring appearances, you'd never think he was a demon of any kind, until you really got to know him. He's a disloyal and greedy demon, caring for nothing but what he wants. He'd go to great lengths to get his prize, even threatening children or daring to disobey a stronger demon such as Astaroth. He cannot stand to be disobeyed himself, however, as in the situation of Max refusing to do as he asked, when he came dangerously close to devouring him. He does not give second chances to those that cross him, and if possible, he'd likely kill them the next time he saw them. This side of him can be extremely dangerous, making it an absolute necessity to remember that this is not a man, but a demon capable of more cruelty than any man.


Thus far, not much is known about his background. It is revealed that he is an actual demon, not like Astaroth , who "came from another star." He was one of Astaroth`s vassals and once possessed Elias Bram`s servant, before being wounded by the Archmage himself.


Shapechanging: Prusias can change shape as he pleases.  He normally uses a humanoid form, but his true form is that of the Great Red Dragon, a seven-headed serpent at least a thousand feet long.

Superhuman Strength: Prusias is far stronger than mortals, and prefers to fight by simply tearing opponents apart.  In his Great Red Dragon form, this ability is greatly enhanced.

Cane: Prusias owns a cane containing a page from the Book of Thoth.  This cane greatly enhances his magic prowess, performing feats of magic that according to David even he can't perform, which he uses to create Gravenmuir and several Workshop creatures.  This ability can only be used a limited number of times, although this limit appears to be in the thousands.