The Red Branch is a special group consisting of the twelve strongest Agents. It has one leader and each member is born in a different month. Agents' powers and strength wax and wane according to time of the year; they are strongest during the month of their birth.

The symbol of the Red Branch is a red hand raised in greeting bound by a slender cord. It is a mark on the wrist of each of the Agents. It can be passed down when one Agent formally declares another as their successor, or (if the previous member is deceased) the position can be granted by the Director of Rowan. 


The Red Branch originated in Ireland, as the greatest warriors of Ulster. Cuchulain was once their greatest champion.


The Red Branch consists of twelve members, each born in a different month. The members known so far are:

Yuri Vilyak used to be the leader of the Red Branch (as well as the Rowan Director before Ms. Richter) but was dishonoured and replaced by William Cooper due to his mishandling of the Second Siege.


The Red Branch has specialized equipment that it uses on missions, including nanomail shirts issued to every member. The members of the Red Branch always wear a layer of armor under their regular clothes called nano-mail. Nano-mail is very light but very strong. When put on, it automatically resizes to fit the wearer.

Much of this equipment is stored in the Red Branch Vault, located within the Archives under Old Tom. Artifacts there have included Durandal, Roland's sword, Flamma the gladiator's gladius, Joyeuse, the sword of Charlemagne, the Kris of Mpu Gandring, and the Gae Bolga of Cuchulain.