Scáthach is a figure in the Ulster Cycle of Irish mythology. She is a legendary Scottish warrior woman and martial arts teacher who trains the legendary Ulster hero Cú Chulainn in the arts of combat.


Raven black hair, and a sharp, beautiful face as said by Max.

Personality Edit

During Scathach's time training Max in the Sidh, and her time silently watching over max afterward, she is generally quiet, reserved, and serious. After her identiy becomes revealed to Max and she subsequently becomes mortal, her personality shifts as she starts to simply enjoy life again, and she is much more curious, open, and seemingly happy during her time as a mortal, with the obvious exception of during battle where she would once again become serious.


Texts describe her homeland as Scotland (Alpae); she is especially associated with the Isle of Skye, where her residence Dún Scáith (Fort of Shadows) stands.


Scathach is very skilled in the arts of war, during her time as an immortal in the land of the Sidh she learned and perfected the arts of warfare. She is masterful with both swords and spears and is a master and tutor in the techniques of the Sidh.


  • (To Max"A true warrior does not see an opponent or even many opponents; he sees patterns. Combat is a dance. It is your dance. It is a dance of blood and death and glory. Your make the pattern; you lead the dance."
  • (To Max"You are the child of Lugh Lamfhada. You are the sun and the storm and master of all the feats I have to teach. You are these things because you must be..."