Skeedle is a goblin that appears in The Fiend and the Forge and The Maelstrom.


The juvenile goblin is revealed to smaller than most of his kind(he is only half the size of his cousin, Kolbyt), and has five sharp teeth. Like most Broadbrims, he is rather fat and soft from feasting, though he can stand his own against bigger opponents.

In The Maelstrom, he has gained another 20 pounds and a sharp tooth.


When Max first met him, Skeedle was cruel like the rest of his kind. However, he grows kinder over the series, even demonstrating his ability as a great story teller and is a amiable guest. He also was willing to help Max, as demonstrated when he warned Max of Prusias`s arrival, and when he helped Max travel to Pieter`s Folly. However, he is not without fear.


The young goblin, prior to his meeting with Max was a rather scared goblin, not used to fighting, such as when he forgets to take the scabbard of his dagger when he attacks Max. After Max helped him defeat the troll(who was feared by the goblins), he has come to prominence in his tribe. In The Maelstrom, it is revealed that Plumpka(the chieftain of the Broadbrim tribe) has promised him three more wagons(the latest models), and more choicer routs.