Solas is the most ancient and most powerful of the schools of magic, and most notably brought peace and prosperity to the world for hundreds of years-till Astaroth came. The motto for Solas was Sol Invictus.


It is not known what Solas looked like. The only thing that is known is that it was located in Ireland, since it was riddled with Old Magic and enclosed by water and a mist fortress. Max saw it as a great castle with many towers and gable roofs on a mountain of rock above the sea.


Solas was a magnificent school of Magic that helped drive back the Dark Ages and keep most of the existing demons at bay. After it achieved this, it decided to train the descendants of Old Magic, more commonly known as the potentials. Their prosperity ended when Astaroth came. He was more powerful than anything they had ever witnessed, causing mistrust and strife in the known world. Currently, the word Solas is used to let out a strong burst of light, to blind the opponent or to just light the dark. David`s incantation is perhaps the most powerful. Upon his uttering of the word, the sky went bright for miles and miles, and nearby people were nearly crippled because of the light.


Solas is the Latin word for light. Therefore, when Max learns the spell for light, the word is "solas." Thus, it is very intriguing that this was the name of the school. Solas was built by Old Magic, with help from some of the remaining stewards.


Solas was located in Ireland, but exactly which part of the country is not said.

Relationship with RowanEdit

After the fall of Solas, refugees journied on the Kestrel to Rowan, where they used Old Magic to construct Rowan. Solas was a role model for Rowan, echoing their former glory.