Somerset Bray

The Somerset Bray is a small striped dog that makes distinctive sounds not normally made by canines.


Somerset Brays are essentially small dogs.


Somerset Brays are highly intelligent and act as excellent companions. They love to eat, but will become snorting sausages if they eat too much. They also love to sing.


The Somerset Bray first came to be due to the result of a magical accident. Long ago, a magician wanted his son to become a great musician. However, his son was talented in other areas, and so the magician decided to create a potion to help him. All kinds of instruments were rendered down to their essence, added, and stirred into the potion.

To work though, the potion required an entire year to simmer, and on the last night, after the magician and his son had gone to bed, they awoke the next morning only to find that the family dog had drank the potion. Furious, the magician chased the dog out of his house and it was left to wander around the country, it's voice transformed into a dissonant braying of notes. And so, the Somerset Bray was born.


Somerset Brays can make a variety of sounds like that of brass horns or something jingling.