This articles is about the ancient deities of great power. If your looking for the Steward of charges, please look at Charges.

Stewards are beings of great power that came after the ancient ones, who had helped to nurture most life on earth. They were quite powerful, and molded the earth to their choosing. The stewards were the ones in care of the Earth. They were being of great power-gods and goddesses to men of old-and great spirits of the elements. Eventually, others from dying worlds entered our realm, and they entered the deep place of the world and ultimately corrupted some of the stewards. The corrupted ones-currently called demons, began to be more interested in enslaving the world, and gave humans a choice to serve or perish. The few people who refused to make a perish was given a spark by the remaining Stewards-called Old Magic- and they, in turn was endowed with great power and wisdom also. The schools had helped to gather people born with this spark, and educate them. They to fell, but one of the Last called Solas was able to repel most of the Stewards, establishing peace till 1640 when Astaroth came. However, Astaroth was not a corrupted steward-he was a deity from another world.