The Tapestry series is written and illustrated by Henry H. Neff. The series has won numerous awards, and consists of five books, four of them which are published and the fifth which is coming out on November 25, 2014

Series OverviewEdit

The Tapestry is a contemporary fantasy fiction series that follows the life of a boy named Max McDaniels. The series comprises of five novels of which four, The Hound of Rowan, The Second Siege and The Fiend and the Forge, The Maelstrom, have already been published and nominated for a number of awards. In addition to compelling characters and an epic story, the books are notable for combining a range of genres, including fantasy, history, mythology, folklore, and science fiction. Henry H. Neff both writes and illustrates the books.

The story of The Tapestry occurs in our world and during the present day. Old Magic is reawakening and a demon named Astaroth has returned to raise the stakes in an ancient war. This war threatens to consume not only cities and governments, but history itself.

Mankind's greatest hopes for independence and survival lie with Rowan Academy. Rowan is the last school of magic where those possessing special gifts are trained to serve as stewards of the arcane arts and guardians of mystic creatures that have fadded with the modern age. From Rowan, powerful Mystics and deadly Agents continue the struggle against things that go bump in the night.

With Astaroth's resurgence, however, Rowan is overwhelmed. The battle passes into the hands of Max McDaniels and his roommate, David Menlo. The same Old Magic that is transforming the world also courses in their veins, making these two boys extraordinary even by Rowan's standards. While David's abilities rival those of the greatest sorcerers of the past, Max was originally believed by some to be a modern incarnation of the Irish hero Cúchulain, but is later reveiled to be Cúchulain's brother. The two boys are called to combine their gifts and face a world marked by a new hierarchy of creatures great and small, which are pushing humankind beyond the fringes of civilization.


1. The Hound of Rowan

2. The Second Siege

3. The Fiend and the Forge

4. The Maelstrom

5. The Red Winter