An Ulu is a gazelle like creature. They are rare and their blood has several magical properties that make it extremely valuable.


Ulus are essentially silver furred gazelles that are very frail looking.


Ulu's are gentle creatures that have a calming effect on other creatures and humans. They are quiet, delicate creatures.


Ulu’s are extremely rare, due to the fact that they were hunted by Mystics and Scholars for the use of their blood, horns and skin. They’re hunted for different reasoning; horns and skin for the beauty they gave and the blood for the healing properties, along with the use of un-wording any text or spell one wishes to use.

There are only about two Ulus, Maya and Nick.


Ulu's have magical properties that make it extremely valuable. Throughout the centuries, they have been hunted for their abilities and are nearly extinct.


Blood from an Ulu can translate or decipher just about anything if it's brushed over the words and the proper spells are spoken. The blood must be given from the Ulu willingly, however, or the blood will change into a strong acid that could disintegrate any spell, or wording one is trying to un-code. It also has healing properties that can rejuvenate anyone who is given it.