Vyndra is a rakshasa, and is one of Prusias's dukes. He was killed by Max McDaniels in revenge for his father. 


Vyndra is a tall, muscular raksasa dressed in black armor. His whole body is covered except for his head and hands. His hands are described as being similar to human hands but with gigantic claws and and perhaps even fur. His face is similar to a tiger's, with three shiny eyes, enormous fangs and horns. Vyndra always carries a bow and eventually wields a scimitar, which he effectively used against the malakhim. He has the abillity to change his shape, and can become a fiery cloud of energy. He is also a master of an imp who can turn into a snake. 


Vyndra is cruel, demonic and knows no mercy. He is also short tempered and he never leaves the one who mocks him without a warning. Unlike Prusias, who is always happy and full of jokes, Vyndra is cold, evil and for some he seems to be of that politic type. Vyndra is also known that he likes teasing his victims and enemies and torturing them. He is a terrible master, according to vyes in his service. He enjoys giving extra pain to his victims, as he shot Scott McDaniels with two arrows, not one. This was yet another side side of his personality, as Ms. Richter said he tried to tease and provoke his opponents to try to have a fight with him, because when he devours them, it makes him stronger.


Vyndra is a raksasa, one of the most fearsome and powerfull of his kind, that is so terifying his own servants fear him. Vyndra is one of Prusia´s vasals and the tyrannical ruler of the Azur fief, but there are rumours he swore alegiance to Aamon and is suspicious of two assasination attempts on the King of Blys. Vyndra is a master archer and enjoys stalking his victims from afar. He killed Scott McDaniels. He was the second of Prusias's vassals to perish, after Madr'aast.