Also known as Patient Yuga, she is an imp who is renowned for her cleverness and patience which eventually led to her becoming a powerful demon.


Yuga was once an imp, but after gaining Koukerros she was able to become a powerful demon. She has now taken the shape of a massive storm that moves slowly over Holbrymn. Tendrils extend down from the storm, and she has already feasted on most of her land, and has expanded to David`s tunnel(which is now destroyed), and may have even devoured most of Prusias`s and Lord Aamon`s troops. Max described Yuga as bigger than a small country.


Yuga is clever, patient, and deceiving. She is also very tactful and cunning, as she was able to outsmart all her opponents and her master which led to her success.


Yuga had become a very powerful demon after devouring her master and all his opponents, becoming one of the more powerful demons. Max had doubted that even Elias Bram could defeat Yuga. Lord Aamon gave Yuga a wide berth-evidently, he thought that Prusias was the lesser threat.


She was once an imp who served her master. While her master promised her Koukerros at the end of every century in return for her service, he never granted it, which generated hatred from Yuga. As each century passed, Yuga's hatred grew, until finally she created a plan to gain Koukerros herself. She deceived her master and his enemies into fighting each other, and when it was over none of them were strong enough to stop Yuga. By absorbing their power, she grew into a powerful demon herself, and eventually became the duchess of Holbrymn.